ERP Process Study

Our Company is specialized into ERP System Audit or Feasibility study to check the solution's proper coverage of various Applications, Application's suitability to the Company's requirements, any customizations required to best suit the company, Accuracy of Reports, controls & flaws, Server Security Aspects and Networking Issues.

Controls Over Various Business Process Cycle:

Various Application Modules like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production Process, Payroll, General Ledger, AR, AP, Sales Tax, VAT, Excise Records, Export Documentation, Costing, Budgeting, Fixed Asset.

  • To identify the controls within the business Process.
  • To Develop the Test Pack.
  • To Test the identified controls with dummy data in test environment.
  • To Document the results and report to company.
ERP System Administration Audit:
  • To Verify the controls over confidentiality, integrity and Availability of Data residing in the System.
  • To Review the Security of Operating System, user access rights regarding Insertion, Creation, Modification and Deletion of Data.
  • To review the Backup Policy, Disaster recovery Plan, Software maintenance, System configuration, security administration.
  • To review ERP system awareness & its extent of usage by end users.
  • To suggest improvements and enhancements in the System
Feasibility Study:
  • On what applications need to be computerized.
  • Depth of coverage within the applications.
  • Web enabling the application and its Data Security.
  • Multi Locations Management and Online Consolidations.
  • Business Intelligence integration.
  • Reporting Tool Integration.
  • Essential Customization requirements.

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